About Us


♥ My confidence, my inner beauty, my positivity, I am the one, the only…….ME! ♥


Lil Spa beginnings

Founded in 2014 by head Glam Mother Sam to offer a different style of pamper and spa party concept in Essex. You are in safe, professional and experienced hands with over 25 years pampering and managerial expertise in top luxury spa's and salons, including multi award winning industry salon leaders where she spent the most amazing time managing and developing businesses, treating celebrities and top public figures. With a background as a Beauty, Holistic and Make Up expert the natural progression was to become a teacher, assessor and quality assurance verifier. Sam has been educating and training girls and women in her field for over a decade in further and private educational institutions in the South East, London and now Essex. She provides qualification quality checking services for two private colleges as you know Lil Spa's standards are high!

Her most important, the best job in the world, is as Mum to the original Lil Beauty who inspired Lil Spa's creation and the "Lil" in our brand name. She is also Lil Spa's quality and assurance expert! If it doesn't pass the WOW, love it Mum test, it doesn't get into your service!

What is a Lil Spa Beauties SPArty about?  

" We Support Positive Attitudes or SPA, this is why we SPArty, and not just pamper party! Having spent year teaching girls and women from all over the world the stories I heard, the experiences my students had had in their lives were one of the driving factors of Lil Spa. How I wanted to create my business to be something other than frilly pretty girly fun. So the first thing I did was to write our Lil Spa Beauties Affirmation, our welcome at every SPArty.... 

"Its all about my confidence, how I feel inside. My inner beauty is the key....love myself, feel full of pride. In who I am what I can be. I am an individual, so I will always be. POSITIVE, and CONFIDENT. As I'm the one and only ME!"

If we can plant a seed we have done more than our job......."

The concept is simple;  FUN! WOW ! AMAZING! MEMORIES.

The Spa means our focus is to Support Positive Attitudes in Girls, Teens and Women be this through a SPArty, event or our SPA T'Dah! events. Beauties - every girl is always a beauty - inside and out. Its all about confidence, self esteem building for those shy Lil Beauties and a chance for all fabulous pamper party girls to pamper, pout and pose and laugh, with a dash of chillaxing to boot!

Find out more at LinkedIn for references and endorsements. We can also provide 100% positive feedback from our clients through our facebook page and party feedback.

All Spa Hostesses are fully qualified and insured, and are Mum's too.