Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions relate to services provided by Lil Spa Beauties for all parties at all venues.

The terms herein shall be given the following meanings:
Party – the pamper party or period during which a Lil Spa Beauties therapist/ self employed affiliate provides party treatments/workshop treatments including beauty, hair, make up, nail services including pedicure to the client.

The Client – any person, firm, company or organisation placing an order with Lil Spa Beauties for treatments and the party services listed on the package booking form.

Freelance Therapist / Affiliate – any person who is supplied by Lil Spa Beauties with a view to carrying out treatments for or on behalf of Lil Spa Beauties. Also know as SPArty Hostesses, Glam Mothers.

Therapy to be provided or Treatments – care, given by a Lil Spa Beauties therapist/affiliate by procedures or applications that are intended to provide professional and age appropriate advice and services, relax, or for enjoyment purposes

Lil Spa Beauties
1. Lil Spa Beauties will do its utmost to ensure the completion of the engagement in its entirety. If any therapist/affiliate is unable to perform his/her full engagement due to sickness, injury or any other reason then Lil Spa Beauties  will use all reasonable endeavours to fulfil its obligation by providing an alternative Freelance Therapist/s/affiliate/s. This may involve the client/guests changing their treatment choice depending on the replacement therapist’s skills. If an alternative treatment is provided, no refund will be given on this treatment. Should any part of the engagement not be fulfilled in its entirety, Lil Spa Beauties will deduct on a pro-rata basis the cost of the unfulfilled portion of the engagement.

2.  Lil Spa Beauties will, prior to the party, take all reasonable endeavours to introduce suitable Freelance Therapist/s/affiliate/s to the client if applicable to the booking. Lil Spa Beauties will satisfy all qualifications and insurance in relation to engagement of a Freelance Therapist/Affiliate.

3.  Lil Spa Beauties shall not be liable to the client for any loss, injury, damage, expense or delay suffered by the Client or the Freelance Therapist/Affiliate. This exclusion shall extend (but not be limited) to the consequences of any act or omission (whether wilful, negligent, reckless, dishonest or otherwise) which takes place during the event on the part of the Freelance Therapist/Affiliate or the client. The client acknowledges that Lil Spa Beauties fees are set on the basis that it has no such liability.

4. Party time includes time to provide the treatment and package services listed on the booking form. However excludes sit down food/cake. This should be added to the invitation time prior to, or after the treatment/package section of your party. You may however provide a buffet during the party agreed during the booking/planning process.

5. Lil Spa Beauties will endeavour to provide first treatment choices for all guests.  Occasionally Lil Spa Beauties will need to adjust the treatment to suit individual needs, such as restricted/prevent contra indications as set by qualifications standards, industry codes of practise and insurance limitations.

6. Lil Spa Beauties operates equal opportunities policies governing its dealings with Freelance Therapists/Affiliates and Clients.

7. Therapists/Affiliates are required to act in a professional and respectable manner at all times. Therapists/Affiliates are self-sufficient, providing their own equipment for the treatments offered

8. Freelance Therapists/Affiliates are not employees of Lil Spa Beauties. Each is self-employed and provide services elsewhere.

9.  The Freelance Therapist/Affiliate is entitled to pre-scheduled breaks for Day Spa Parties during the course of the engagement. These may be taken as individual breaks or as a single break depending on arrangements with the client.

The Client
8. The Client may be asked to provide standard tables and chairs and water refreshments

9. The Client will ensure that adequate room is provided as advised by Lil Spa Beauties in order for the Freelance Therapist/Affiliate to perform pre-scheduled Treatments/services and other package inclusions such as arts and crafts.

10. The Client will take all reasonable endeavours to ensure the work/party area is safe, hazard free and will complete all risk assessment requirments detailed and discussed with Lil Spa Beauties including provided all information required an ddetails on the booking form including photographs at least one week prior to the booking.

11. The Client will ensure that guests arrive in time for the party. The Freelance Therapists/Affiliates will make every effort to accommodate any changes due to lateness but in such an event Lil Spa Beauties will have no liability for any loss of Treatment time.

12. The Client is responsible for providing an accurate address and relevant contact details for the Event.  Lil Spa Beauties will have no liability for any loss of Treatment time due to inaccurate address information.

13. The Client will make sure all consent requirments are met as per
Lil Spa Beauties request that all parents and guardians (including that of the party girl) have completed the online consent form. Link sent on the invitation, or if invitation is not required the link will be provided via email to the client to communicate to parents and guardians.

Fees & Cancellations

13. For any bookings where the party venue is 30 minutes drive from Lil Spa Beauties HQ a fee for petrol will be added to the cost of the party to cover personnel travel fees. Any travel costs to be paid will be communicated at the time of booking, but may vary if therapists/affiliates cancellations occur where a replacement is required.

14. All fees will be pre-paid before the party and by the party date.

15. A booking payment is a non-refundable fee of £50 for a pamper party booking  time and date, and £100 for a venue or large party (guest numbers 15 or more.) Should hire of The Baytree Salon be required the deposit and booking terms will be separated to include the venues own terms and conditions. There is no business link to The Baytree Salon and/or Phoenix HBNT.

16. If the Client cancels the party with at least 14 days notice, they will be entitled to a refund of moneys paid, excluding booking fee and any specific products, gifts or items purchased for your party.  A full list will be disclosed should this situation occur. If less than 7 days notice is received the party is transferable to a mutually advantagious date with a transfer fee due to cover administration and re- organisation costs of £40.

17. Refunds or discounts for no show guests on the day will not be given, or after any ordering for your booking has taken place.

18. If the Party is cancelled by Lil Spa Beauties a full refund, including booking fee will be provided within 14 working days. Should you wish to reschedule in this instance to another available date complimentary upgrades appropriate to your booking will be provided in way of thanks for your understanding.

19. Where Party extras are supplied the full cost of items ordered for your party are payable in full at time of ordering. No refunds will be given once ordered.


Booking Process and Party Booking.

20. Lil Spa Beauties party booking is deemed provisional until a booking fee is received. The booking slot is open for other clients to book until this booking fee is received in full.

21. Parties packages over £250 balance after booking deposit is deducted can be paid for in two equal parts agreed with Lil Spa Beauties. Full balance is due at the time of the party for all bookings. No credit or extension will be given.

22. It is the responsibility of the adult in charge (Host) of the party to act as chaperone to all children attending and maintain the safety of said children. The party is for entertainment purposes and should not be treated as childcare.  

23. Lil Spa Beauties the right to refuse to provide services, treatments or the party should there prove a risk of cross infection to therapists/affiliates, children or guests attending the party. Examples include Influenza, Stomach/Sickness bugs, Skin diseases, infestations or infections deemed highly infectious or contagious under industry codes of practise. Examples include but are not restricted to Stomach /Sickness Bugs, Viruses, Skin/Eye infections, infestations or diseases. We will endeavour to adjust all treatments to suit party needs as per industry codes of practise. A full list of Contra Indications is available on request.

24. A full disclosure on the consent form of medical conditions illness including past, current and reoccurring issues, must be disclosed by all parents and guardians. This assists in preparing a party suitable for all, allowing reasonable adjustments under industry codes of practise to be made prior to the party.

25. Lil Spa Beauties request that parents/guardian inform us prior to the party of any children requiring special considerations. Examples include social or behavioural challenges and we would request communication of any strategies to help our therapists/affiliates to provide a fun and positive party for all.

26. Lil Spa Beauties therapists/affliliates will arrive to set up Lil Spa Beauties decor, props, kit and staging for the party at the agreed time. Clients should not expect therapists/affliliates to move furniture, set up chairs, tables or such like as part of the preparation. Please ensure this is done prior to arrival.

27. Should  any Therapist/Affliate consider their safety be under threat at any point  they and we reserve the right to discontinue providing the service with no liability.

28. Lil Spa Beauties including therapists/affliliates cannot be held responsible for any allergic or intolerance reaction occuring from using products at the party. All reasonable adjustments and planning are made in order to reduce this risk. Should a parent or guardian require a patch test kit a cost for post and package of £5.75p is required payable by person requesting the kit.

29. Lil Spa Beauties including therapists/affliliates require safe and venue near parking in order to set up safely. Any additonal parking charges, including congestion charge is payable prior to the party.

30. Please note Lil Spa Beauties will not provide a party to a high rise premises or flat where no lift is available without prior agreement. Should therapists/affliliates arrive on the day to find safety information has been witheld we reserve the right to either adjust the party contents or refuse to continue if deemed unsafe accepting no liability.


Your Data

31. Lil Spa Beauties booking process is completed through our online booking system. All information is stored and kept in accordance with Data Protection and GDPR on EU servers. This can only be accessed by the owner operator of Lil Spa Beauties. A copy of your booking form is sent via the automated system at time of completion. Parental/Guardian party and treatment consent is gathered in the same way. 

31 a Lil Spa Beauties shares client data relevant to your party booking, names, date, time, venue, contact details  with our affiliate freelance therapists. Data only relevant and required to provide the service, and only the service. Third party affiliates are not permitted to contact you directly after the booking is completed unless specifically requested and stated by you, the client. The will have their own processes as independent businesses to Lil Spa Beauties. 

32. We operate a child protection policy where all parents must consent for photo’s to be used for marketing purposes of the children at the party. Should this not be given photographs will not be used. Guests names, birthday girl full name will never be used, and a general area location only may be given. E.g Brentwood, NOT Pilgrims Hatch.

33. Lil Spa Beauties give you clear options on the booking form with regards to how you wish to be contacted for your booking purposes and for the organisation of your booking. If you wish, or your guests wish to be included our database for mailshots, newsletters and other marketing purposes you have the choice to opt in on the booking form, and guests on the consent form. 

34. Lil Spa Beauties will always remove relevant client data when opting out and remove our customers and guests from our database. We hold relevant information within accordance to data compliance to comply with our insurance policies requirements only. 


Lil Spa Beauties may update these terms from time-to-time. Please request a new version for every booking.

33.  These conditions and any contract into which they are incorporated shall be subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.