Potions & Lotions SPArty


£250 for minimum of 8 Extra Guests £18pp
Venue Package Available £POA


Add to Spa for £40 minimum of 8 Extra Guests £8.50pp
Themed Manicure or Pedicure Party with Potions & Lotions
£195 minimum of 8 guests Extra Guests £15pp




Decor and Staging
  • Platform 9 3/4 entrance
  • Common Room Comfort Zone
  • Potions Table Staging
  • Wizard/Witches Robe use
  • Wand use
  • Potter Themed Party Games
  • Butterbeer or Polyjuice Welcome Drink
  • Azkaban Photo booth
Harry Themed SPArty

Beautification SPArty choice

  • Chocolate Frog Edible Facial
  • Calmus Relaxo Massages
  • Floo Powder Foot Soaks

Choose your favourite Hogwarts House and have your House colours with 

  • Tidyus Tootsious Pedicure 
  • Digitus Marvelous Manicure 
Potions & Lotions Class

Muggle Chemists you will be creating your own Beautification Potions  and Lotions for use at the SPArty and to take home. With wand and spell practise to make sure your potions are fully functional. 

  • Amortentia Love Soft Skin Potion for Hands and Body
  • Sleeping Draught Mixture for the Bath


This package can also be added to a Manicure/ Pedicure package