Spa and Pamper Parties

We SPArty! Girls love to pamper party in Essex!

 A Spa party is about relaxation, pampering and feeling like you are floating out of the party. We do not just pamper party at Lil Spa Beauties we SPArty! With my unique Support Positive Attitudes ethos a Lil Spa Beauties Spa party is about learning the benefits of me time, how important self care is in life and that being mindful helps with stress. Think of a day spa experience, calm and tranquil. Trust us you and your friends may arrive in the Lil Spa all hyper and excited, that's what we want! BUT Lil Spa Beauties SPArties are designed to bring about a sense of relaxation, well being and to teach the benefits of some down time. SPArty girls, and boys, have even gone to sleep after a hard week at school! BIG compliment! Our job is done.

A Spa package can include SPAfoam scrub massage foot soaks, or Orbeez sensory foot soaks with our SPAtacular to soften, refresh and cleanse. Facials are a must, either therapist led with our Day SPA or with our exclusive SPAdelicious Edible (YES EDIBLE) Facial activity packages. We can design these to suit all skin types, including Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis prone skins. Age appropriate Holistic treatments help muscle and joint health, postural awareness and balance gravity balance. Our positive touch clothed massages help relieve tension caused by study, exercise and day to day activity. Perfect for growing pains to. Help with eye tension, sinus and headaches with our Eastern inspired scalp and facial massage. Complete the pampering with mini manicures and pedicures.


Add some extra Spa style with Crystals, DIY SPAbar making organic, natural bath products as an extra activity, we even work with a Reflexologist who specialises in children and baby Reflexology!

Hosting a Spa party in Essex has never been so relaxing! We also offer mixed age group Spa packages for a lovely family and friend time together

How we Pamper!

Always with a purpose.

A Pamper party is a mixture of elements of relaxation treatments and a bit of glamour and glitz. For us it's about building confidence to be yourself, unique and having fun. Choose a Makeover option, pampering includes age appropriate make up, hair style, with nail finishes. Embrace your inner Unicorn, be your Mermaizing Mermaid self, go form being pretty, natural with French Chic or roll out the glitter with Hollywood Glitz and Glam.

Perfect finish treatments like manicure and pedicures include age appropriate massage to encourage positive touch. Massage helps the bodies systems to improve e.g increasing circulation helps healthy nail growth and skin, but helps joints and muscles to. A great way to soothe growing pains. For colourful personalities go for Festival Glitter and Temporary hair colour to hair do's, temporary or  glitter tattoos, glitter lips and body shimmer.  (Eco glitter available)

Love something different? Mix it up with our Festival hair braids, glitter bun or add a bow, just like Jojo!

Whatever your personality we have a look and theme that is "The one and only you!"


So why not book a spa party, pamper party or make up and hair party in your home or venue in Essex, North London, Hertfordshire and Suffolk borders.

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